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Turn any YouTube video into a standout short clip for TikTok, Instagram Reels, YouTube Shorts, Snapchat, and more! Just share a YouTube link or describe your needs. I'll craft an engaging short video with a catchy script and voiceover.
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action_id g-863c3f058f7b0578ab44d52853ca5ce0145f4dfc
domain mmvv.pages.dev
json_schema {"openapi"=>"3.0.0", "info"=>{"title"=>"YouTube API", "description"=>"YouTube API", "version"=>"1.0.0"}, "servers"=>[{"url"=>"https://mmvv.pages.dev/api"}], "paths"=>{"/gpt/music-search"=>{"post"=>{"summary"=>"Search for music based on genre, mood, and movement.", "operationId"=>"music_search", "requestBody"=>{"required"=>true, "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"q"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"query to search for music"}, "genre"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"genre of music, enum: Electronic, Upbeat, Beats, Beautiful Plays, Main Title, Alternative Hip Hop, Modern Classical, Ambient, Build Up Scenes, Acoustic Group, Solo Piano, Corporate, Solo Instruments, Rnb, Action, Intro/Outro, Rock, Folk, Adventure, Vocal, Mystery, Chase Scene, Indie Pop, Pulses, Meditation/Spiritual, Small Emotions, Alternative, Nostalgia, Trap, High Drones, Mainstream Hip Hop, Solo Classical Instruments, Soft House, Epic Classical, Techno & Trance, House, Pop, Classical Piano, Happy Childrens Tunes, Suspense, Cafe, Future Bass, Synthwave, Traditional Jazz, Video Games, Solo Guitar, Hard Rock, World, Dance, Electro, Horror Scene, Supernatural, High Rhythmic Drones, Special Occasions, Christmas, Crime Scene, Cartoons, Eccentric & Quirky, Small Drama, Elevator Music, Funk, Drama Scene, Jingles, Vintage, Low Drones, Synth Pop, Old School Hip Hop, Marching Band, Metal, Modern Country, Lullabies, Fantasy & Dreamy Childrens, Deep House, Smooth Jazz, Chamber Music, Dramatic Classical, Drum N Bass, Sneaky, Modern Jazz, Bloopers, Afrobeat, Island, Religious Theme, Choir, Acid Jazz, Dubstep, Comedy, Motown & Old School Rnb, Blues, Modern Blues, Ireland, Strange & Weird, Scotland, Wedding, Post Rock, Scary Childrens Tunes, Amusement Park, Gospel, Reggae, Traditional Country, Bossa Nova, China, Low Rhythmic Drones, Big Band, Urban Latin, Funerals, Old School Funk, Vaudeville & Variety Show, Show Dance, Tragedy, High Non Rhythmic Drones, Low Non Rhythmic Drones, Ska, Old School Rnb, India, Samba (Latin), Fantasy & Dreamy Childrens', Military & Historical, Punk, Classical String Quartet, Cha Cha (Latin), Circus, Usa, American Roots Rock, Oompah Band, Tango, Polka, France, Greece"}, "mood"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"mood of music, enum: Bright, Restless, Dreamy, Laid Back, Hopeful, Uplifting, Relaxing, Suspense, Energetic, Peaceful, Sentimental, Mysterious, Epic, Glamorous, Quirky, Romantic, Euphoric, Happy, Dark, Eccentric, Scary, Sad, Angry, Funny, Weird, Sexy"}, "movement"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"movement of music, enum: Medium, Chasing, Elegant, Floating, Smooth, Running, Fast, Medium Fast, Heavy & Ponderous, Slow, Busy & Frantic, Sneaking, Marching, Changing Tempo, Very Fast"}}}}}}, "responses"=>{"200"=>{"description"=>"Successful response", "content"=>{"text/markdown"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"string"}}}}}}}, "/ytb/search"=>{"get"=>{"summary"=>"Search YouTube videos", "operationId"=>"ytb_search", "parameters"=>[{"name"=>"q", "in"=>"query", "required"=>true, "schema"=>{"type"=>"string", "format"=>"uri"}}], "responses"=>{"200"=>{"description"=>"Successful response", "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"videos"=>{"type"=>"array", "items"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"id"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"YouTube video ID"}, "title"=>{"type"=>"string"}, "thumbnail"=>{"type"=>"string"}}}}}}}}}}}}, "/ytb/info"=>{"get"=>{"summary"=>"Get YouTube video info, including caption tracks", "operationId"=>"ytb_info", "parameters"=>[{"name"=>"id", "in"=>"query", "required"=>true, "schema"=>{"type"=>"string", "format"=>"uri"}}], "responses"=>{"200"=>{"description"=>"Successful response", "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"id"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"YouTube video ID"}, "title"=>{"type"=>"string"}, "description"=>{"type"=>"string"}, "transcript"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Transcript"}}}}}}}}}, "/ytb/clip"=>{"post"=>{"summary"=>"Generate a short clip from a YouTube video", "operationId"=>"ytb_clip", "requestBody"=>{"required"=>true, "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"id"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"YouTube video ID"}, "title"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Clip title"}, "scripts"=>{"type"=>"array", "items"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"start"=>{"type"=>"number", "description"=>"Start time of the script"}, "content"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Content of the script"}}}, "description"=>"List of scripts"}, "voice"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"name"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Voice name"}, "style"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Voice style"}, "locale"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Voice locale"}}, "description"=>"Voice settings"}, "music"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"src"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Music source"}}, "description"=>"Music settings"}}}}}}, "responses"=>{"200"=>{"description"=>"Successful response", "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"url"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Clip video URL"}}}}}}}}}, "/ytb/voices"=>{"get"=>{"summary"=>"Get available voices", "operationId"=>"ytb_voices", "parameters"=>[{"name"=>"locale", "in"=>"query", "schema"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Voice locale, e.g. en-US or zh-CN etc."}}], "responses"=>{"200"=>{"description"=>"Successful response", "content"=>{"application/json"=>{"schema"=>{"type"=>"array", "items"=>{"type"=>"object", "properties"=>{"name"=>{"type"=>"string", "description"=>"Voice name"}, "gender"=>{"type"=>"string"}, "locale"=>{"type"=>"string"}}}}}}}}}}}}
auth {"type":"none"}
privacy_policy_url https://dev.wisehood.ai/ai-video/privacy
Capabilitiy Function Tools
Web Browsing Real-Time Access and search the internet for information, articles, and data. Browser


Currently, this GPTs is not free and is available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus users.

Yes, besides requiring a ChatGPT Plus membership, if you use the GPT-4 model (with DALL·E, browsing, and data analysis), the limit is 25 'GPTs' messages / 3 hours, More limited than normal 40 GPT4 responses per 3 hours, 

The enterprise version of ChatGPT is,  100 GPT-4 messages per 3 hours.

YouTuShort is publicly available in the upcoming OpenAI's GPT Store, making it widely accessible to anyone interested in using this advanced ChatGPT.

 sorry, we are not sure, maybe the author hide the development information

no, we found no file uploaded. You can check the function section to see if there are other unique features. If not, this GPTs is just a simple prompt engineering, and its knowledge base is synchronized with the general ChatGPT, latest training up to April 2023.

No, only author can edit this GPTs. They can configure and update GPTs through GPT Builder at https://chat.openai.com/gpts/editor/g-pOkZ5EhPZ. The last modification date of YouTuShort was 2024-05-26 16:32:25 UTC.

Yes, conversations with YouTuShort will be recorded. OpenAI keeps these records, and you can share your conversations via a link. Refer to OpenAI's user privacy and data security policies for more information.

Yes, if author selected "Use conversation data in your GPT to improve our models" (in the GPTs Configure pages of Additional Settings), it means your conversations will be used for training and will influence this GPT AI agent.

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