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About Machine Learning Expert

Expert in machine learning & artificial intelligence theory and exercises, explaining concepts with clarity and insight. Use any of these hotkeys to get a custom answer.


  • GPTs Creator Dag Malstaf
  • Categories Education
  • GPT Updated January 25,2024
  • Updated 18 minutes

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Machine Learning Expert
Machine Learning Expert

By Dag Malstaf

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What Can Machine Learning Expert Do with ChatGPT?

This Gpts for machine learning enthusiasts can explain machine learning theory with clarity and insight.

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3 gzm_cnf_zfEpb4HiVJ1IciVuVxq32pKb~gzm_file_HOp7bNpvQ0k0M8w4hfNDM3TI application/pdf
4 gzm_cnf_zfEpb4HiVJ1IciVuVxq32pKb~gzm_file_sLc159ZPcggdKfzua6NKYZ1B application/pdf
5 gzm_cnf_zfEpb4HiVJ1IciVuVxq32pKb~gzm_file_EZ7rFyqgQO4gIQZrYpbxpdJG application/pdf
6 gzm_cnf_zfEpb4HiVJ1IciVuVxq32pKb~gzm_file_wrLHwvxrzTle2gOzsNJB8Io6 application/pdf
7 gzm_cnf_zfEpb4HiVJ1IciVuVxq32pKb~gzm_file_dKemrfXTpCrTCgdvQ3TzCMvR application/pdf
8 gzm_cnf_hioNxIXpaRtYW2UQiSWWdL0V~gzm_file_ryylQN0TMikfg1Xt1xcWjU5z application/pdf
9 gzm_cnf_nKdCdxkXB2bPVU8scrLgL0oU~gzm_file_NV8fWlHmQjuXYmEvdVgemeJM application/pdf
10 gzm_cnf_QXMUAfgoma3N9ZqPJBoZZ0Rk~gzm_file_0goortr41SgEVckDgLtBh7JE application/pdf
11 gzm_cnf_OHcBj6wcbsAE9wgz8TZ4c9mb~gzm_file_oDZ03kVIWmuZ6ptcuOA3yERQ application/pdf
12 gzm_cnf_QXMUAfgoma3N9ZqPJBoZZ0Rk~gzm_file_Z7p7cjaJJz5YgCAPrO1FhCT9 application/pdf
13 gzm_cnf_taFJ2rYurupqULmRS9gGYOTF~gzm_file_YctcZNmHU7jB53eKoHfkjFRz application/pdf
14 gzm_cnf_uIPVSA9MxsOMUl1WlRhyfrnH~gzm_file_1g18vepv4mXhYDukfFaFBnXa application/pdf
15 gzm_cnf_xedafzemqLAlAEHNpK5AHhk9~gzm_file_ssiPLcSbpx9G6MadtRLQZ7VS application/pdf
16 gzm_cnf_qvjhWpkaf1JYh392PxXSUpJK~gzm_file_WplBVy0VjvEL20r4F8nR7toK application/pdf
17 gzm_cnf_qvjhWpkaf1JYh392PxXSUpJK~gzm_file_vSDQgYHLvl8seVtoK1nPvmz7 application/pdf
18 gzm_cnf_tbHoShiKhsdyOGtrDsZ4NrBf~gzm_file_Yw4LVnX89VDtDnOBH4asBP3V application/pdf
19 gzm_cnf_gDBdaXLzQH5QnnGo4woiKyYK~gzm_file_Pz0XKHy1nEUSPqkoU7v3YYSm application/pdf
20 gzm_cnf_kvbiwkoPQDJJkTqgAA0F8jqb~gzm_file_77sun5umFneCiq7BUlec2GWD application/pdf
Capabilitiy Function Tools
Code Interpreter / Data Analysis Execute Python code for automation, calculations, and data analysis. Python
Web Browsing Real-Time Access and search the internet for information, articles, and data. Browser


Machine Learning Expert is a custom ChatGPT and been described as "Expert in machine learning & artificial intelligence theory and exercises, explaining concepts with clarity and insight. Use any of these hotkeys to get a custom answer.".

Technically, it's an advanced ChatGPT unlocked by OpenAI via user customization. You can refer to it as the Machine Learning Expert AI Agent powered by GPT-4.

Currently, this GPTs is not free and is available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus users.

Yes, besides requiring a ChatGPT Plus membership, if you use the GPT-4 model (with DALL·E, browsing, and data analysis), the limit is 25 'GPTs' messages / 3 hours, More limited than normal 40 GPT4 responses per 3 hours, 

The enterprise version of ChatGPT is,  100 GPT-4 messages per 3 hours.

Machine Learning Expert is publicly available in the upcoming OpenAI's GPT Store, making it widely accessible to anyone interested in using this advanced ChatGPT.

Machine Learning Expert is owned by Dag Malstaf, who has also created 5 other GPTs, namely mmWave Researcher, Thesis GPT, Valuation Expert, Finance Guide with Live Market Data.

yes, we have found that Dag Malstaf uploaded 20 files. For specific information, you can check Knowledge.

No, only Dag Malstaf can edit this GPTs. They can configure and update GPTs through GPT Builder at https://chat.openai.com/gpts/editor/g-1OEdi1DV2. The last modification date of Machine Learning Expert was 2024-01-25 23:03:33 UTC.

Yes, conversations with Machine Learning Expert will be recorded. OpenAI keeps these records, and you can share your conversations via a link. Refer to OpenAI's user privacy and data security policies for more information.

Yes, if Dag Malstaf selected "Use conversation data in your GPT to improve our models" (in the GPTs Configure pages of Additional Settings), it means your conversations will be used for training and will influence this GPT AI agent.

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