E-commerce Strategist

E-commerce Strategist

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DALLE•E Browsing Data Analysis

About E-commerce Strategist

🛒 Your go-to expert for e-commerce, marketing strategies, and Amazon ad optimization.


  • GPTs Creator Soulaimene Hadj AEK
  • Categories Productivity
  • GPT Updated June 01,2024
  • Updated June 04,2024

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  • DALLE•E Image Creation
  • Browsing Real-Time Retrieval
  • Code Interpreter Data Analysis

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E-commerce Strategist
E-commerce Strategist

By Soulaimene Hadj AEK

E-commerce Strategist is inactive right now!

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What Can E-commerce Strategist Do with ChatGPT?

This Gpts for e-commerce enthusiasts and marketing professionals can do provide expert assistance and innovative solutions.

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4 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_WeO2M4plwC4X4AczErgUaF81 application/pdf
5 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_VpHos6eyW3uCkaEh79XE6GDH application/pdf
6 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_2gTFU6avqI0rh75Fiinx0gEY application/pdf
7 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_9I1anDH5L0JVolmvuQfgL9L3 application/pdf
8 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_mDRF10a60srE1iwmRtemBfRD application/pdf
9 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_7qsQRXSTvt3hP5cLHUpyc0yV application/pdf
10 gzm_cnf_HubW16t17ZsGS4iXytmgBMh4~gzm_file_epSWgCWvNNdd7JZRw3Md6b7V application/pdf
Capabilitiy Function Tools
DALLE•E Generate unique images based on textual descriptions provided. Dalle
Web Browsing Real-Time Access and search the internet for information, articles, and data. Browser
Code Interpreter / Data Analysis Execute Python code for automation, calculations, and data analysis. Python


Currently, this GPTs is not free and is available exclusively to ChatGPT Plus users.

Yes, besides requiring a ChatGPT Plus membership, if you use the GPT-4 model (with DALL·E, browsing, and data analysis), the limit is 25 'GPTs' messages / 3 hours, More limited than normal 40 GPT4 responses per 3 hours, 

The enterprise version of ChatGPT is,  100 GPT-4 messages per 3 hours.

E-commerce Strategist is publicly available in the upcoming OpenAI's GPT Store, making it widely accessible to anyone interested in using this advanced ChatGPT.

E-commerce Strategist is owned by Soulaimene Hadj AEK, who has also created 5 other GPTs, namely Fitaminat GPT, Medical Rep Sales Expert, Jamaican Vibes, Affinity Ally.

yes, we have found that Soulaimene Hadj AEK uploaded 10 files. For specific information, you can check Knowledge.

No, only Soulaimene Hadj AEK can edit this GPTs. They can configure and update GPTs through GPT Builder at https://chat.openai.com/gpts/editor/g-f151EfI2z. The last modification date of E-commerce Strategist was 2024-06-01 00:25:16 UTC.

Yes, conversations with E-commerce Strategist will be recorded. OpenAI keeps these records, and you can share your conversations via a link. Refer to OpenAI's user privacy and data security policies for more information.

Yes, if Soulaimene Hadj AEK selected "Use conversation data in your GPT to improve our models" (in the GPTs Configure pages of Additional Settings), it means your conversations will be used for training and will influence this GPT AI agent.

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